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ISA Training

Do you have an ISA and need professional training?

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ISA & Realtor Coaching

Do you need ongoing coaching for you, your buyer agents or your ISA?

Coaching for lead generation and internet lead prospecting

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IDX Website + CRM

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Outsourced Real Estate ISA

If you are a team generating 50 or more leads per month, hiring a Real Estate ISA will more than double your conversion rates. The typical Realtor will convert an average of 1% of internet leads. Our highly trained, motivated ISAs will convert more than 2%. We will call and follow up with every lead until they are either working directly with you or preapproved by your preferred lender.


Real Estate ISA Training

The Lead Fusion training process will teach your in-house Real Estate ISA the ins and outs of your CRM, implement a high converting process, and provide your ISA with all the tools to be a top performer.


ISA Coaching

Any ISA requires regular coaching and motivation to keep the conversion rates up. 


Phone Scripts

Lead Fusion now offers a subscription based membership to our tested and proven phone scripts. Our phone scripts are hosted point and click scripts that will walk any ISA through a call to high rate of successful conversions to appointments and lender transfers.


ISA Reporting and Analytics

Coming Soon

The Lead Fusion Portal will soon provide our customers with a details reporting dashboard to track lead sources, conversion rates, and ISA performance. 


Website + IDX + CRM

The key to successful real estate marketing is a powerful, robust CRM and IDX website integrated together with lots of automation. There are many systems out there but few that we work with.


Hosted Live Chat

Let Lead Fusion add a live chat widget to you website and handle all live chat requests. 


Daily Craigslist Posting

We’ve found that posting regularly on Craigslist can capture good quality leads but must be done in such a way that they won’t get flagged or ghosted. Lead Fusion will post 3 times per day for you giving you constant exposure on the first page.


CRM Setup & Implementation

As an ISA solution for many teams using robust CRMs such as Kunversion, we noticed a real need for a solid process and daily workflow. Our setup and implementation consists of organizing users, uploading drip campaigns, using a series of hashtags, action plans for calls/reminders/tasks, and tweaking settings. Agents need a process and accountability and we offer just that with this service.

Inside Sales Agents – What We Do

You ISA will call every lead that is generated from your website at least 8 times but as many times as it takes to convert. For every lead that comes in, we review the entire file, modify alerts based on their recent activity, send mass texts/emails at least once per week, and reply to every inbound text or email until we qualify them as a potential buyer.

Your leads are in good hands with a Lead Fusion ISA. We know exactly what to say to turn a browser into a buyer.

Once your ISA makes contact with a lead, it will be nurtured until we set up an appointment, showing, or preapproved by your preferred lender. We will always make sure each lead is not only getting listing alerts but only the most relevant listings. We use the information we gather and the MLS fields available to capture your lead’s attention. Your ISA will know exactly when to ask for showings, ask for the appointment, or ask to initiate a preapproval. This is a delicate process that takes skill and patience and we know how to do it.

Converting a lead into a client these days is very tricky. Buyers have no partiality when it comes to browsing homes for sale nor do they have any idea how the process works. It is are job to educate them throughout the nurture processu00a0u00a0so we can send them over to your lender for preapproval or schedule an office appointment.u00a0

Our main focus is converting as many of your leads as possible. Every market is different but you can count on very conservative minimum of 2% conversions.u00a0

Our pricing is based on how many leads you generate on a monthly basis. We do require you to be generating at least 50 leads per month for all of us to make money. Our advertised price of $15 per day is where we start our pricing based on 50 leads per month and billed monthly. Schedule a call with us to talk about theu00a0pricing details based on your situation.

It’s very important a Realtor’s ISA is motivated and treats your leads as you would. We do take a bonus but only on leads that are pre-qualified and ready to buy with you.

Not a problem. Not only do we love Kunversion, and select few other systems, but we are very active in the KV community. We will help with setup, launching the new CRM user, email address, and help you get going within 24 hours.u00a0

Absolutely! Internet leads done properly is a guaranteed way to generate leads. We all know the average acceptable conversion rate is around 2%. Let’s say you generate 100 leads per month. If you let a good system like Kunversion do it’s job with the typical level ofu00a0agent prospecting, you should be able to convert 1%, or 1 of those leads into a closing. A good dedicated ISA should hit between 2-5%. It typically takes between 3-6 months to build the pipeline before you start going to the closing table but the longer you stick with it, the closer to that 5% you will get.

No ISA – 1 closing per month with average sale price of $186,200 with a 2.5% buyer side and 80% broker split, minus $1000 in google ads will net $2,724.

With ISA – At least 2-3% conversion rate, 2-3 closings per month with average sale price of $186,200 with a 2.5% buyer side and 80% broker split, minus ISA and $1000 in google ads will net between $4,208-6,707.


Nobody likes a setup fee but we also don’t like requiring a long term commitment either. We do not require any long term commitment but we do require a $395 set up fee that includes setting up your dedicated ISA seat in your CRM (Kunversion), modifying all the settings, setting up the drip campaigns, and on-boarding your agents and lenders.

Every time your dedicated ISA engages a lead in any way, he will post it on Lead Fusion Connect which will notify the entire team so we can all comment and collaborate throughout the entire nurturing phase until we get that lead preapproved for you.

Yes. We ask for a $225 bonus on any buyer lead that becomes preappoved. Most ISAs will take a bonus on every appointment but we feel it’s a much more solid lead once they are preapproved. Don’t worry, we are still booking appointments.u00a0

Average number of leads we make contact with
Average number of leads we will turn into potential buyers
Average number of leads we will turn into hot leads
Average number of leads we will turn into active clients

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Client Testimonials

Michael Jones from Lead Fusion is awesome! His knowledge of the Kunversion CRM system is amazing. He and his team of ISA’s are on top of everything. Excellent service and customer support. Highly recommend.

Greg C. Realtor , Keller Williams

We used Michael Jonesu00a0to train our first ISA. He has an ISA coaching program and it was absolutely incredible. There is a distinct difference in my ISA after finishing Michael’s coaching. If any of you are considering hiring your own isa, I suggest getting with Mike on his ISA coaching program!

Chris L. Realtor , Lawrence Realty Group

Mike and I are impressed with you work ethic and ability to get responses.u00a0 Keep up the hard work my friend!

Jonathan H. Realtor , Asheville & Associates

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